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MondayLocation: Auditorium of Natural History Museum
11:00-11:30: Coffee, Welcome and logistics
11:30-12:10: Darek LisAstrochemical lessons from Herschel
12:10-12:25: Cecile FavreHow to merge the legacy of HIFI/HEXOS with future ALMA
12:25-13:25: Lunch
13:25-14:05: Pepe CernicharoEvolved stars/AGBs
14:05-14:20: Martin CordinerNew chemical models for carbon-rich AGB stars
14:20-15:00: Dominique Bockelee-MorvanComplex molecules in comets
15:00-15:30: Coffee
15:30-15:45: Peter SchilkeEasing the Burden - steps toward automated analysis of ALMA data
15:45-16:00: Emmanuel CauxCASSIS
16:00-16:15: Christian BrinchARTIST
16:15-16:30: Holger MuellerThe CDMS and the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre, VAMDC
16:30-17:30: DiscussionTools and databases - what does the user want, where do we go next?
17:30-...: Ice-breaker reception


Tuesday Location: Auditorium of Natural History Museum
9:00-9:40: Satoshi YamamotoChemical Diversity of Low-mass Star Forming Regions
9:40-9:55: Laurent PaganiDetermining CO profiles in depleted prestellar cores
9:55-10:10: Johan LindbergStrong irradiation of protostars in CrA
10:10-10:25: Diego MardonesOutflow-core interaction in HH46/47
10:25-10:55 Coffee
10:55-11:10 Audrey CoutensHDO in low- and high-mass star forming regions
11:10-11:25 Magnus PerssonThe deuterium fractionation of warm water in low-mass protostars: the interferometric view
11:25-12:05: Rob GarrodAstrochemical simulations of star-forming regions
12:05-12:20: Steven CharnleyIsotopic Fractionation in Primitive Materials: Quantifying the Contribution of Interstellar Chemistry
12:20-12:35: Alexandre FaureThe ortho/para chemistry of nitrogen hydrides
12:35-13:35: Lunch
13:35-14:15: Harold LinnartzLaboratory astrophysics
14:15-14:55: Susanna Widicus-WeaverLinking lab and observations
14:55-15:10: Helen FraserLinking Gas-Phase Spectroscopy to Ice Chemistry
15:10-15:40: Coffee
15:40-16:20: Laurent MargulesLaboratory spectroscopy of isotopic species of complex organic molecules
16:20-17:00: Laurent WiesenfeldCollision rate coefficients
17:00-18:00: DiscussionMatching astronomers' expectations and needs for accurate spectroscopic data to what is and can be done in laboratories


Wednesday Location: Auditorium of Natural History Museum
9:00-9:40: Friedrich WyrowskiHigh-mass star formation
9:40-9:55: Francesco FontaniChemical properties of massive starless cores
9:55-10:10: Viviana GuzmanPhysics and chemistry of UV illuminated gas: the Horsehead case
10:10-10:25: Siyi FengChemical evolution at small-scales in high-mass star forming regions
10:25-10:55: Coffee
10:55-11:10: Suzanne BisschopComplex organic molecules in the high-mass star forming region G327.3-0.6
11:10-11:25: Ewine van DishoeckComplex molecules in massive YSOs with and without disk-like structures
11:25-11:40: Yanett ContrerasThe Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz
11:40-11:55: Jane BuckleHigh-angular resolution observations of methanol in NGC2264
11:55-12:40: Lunch
12:40-13:20: Sergio MartinExtragalactic astrochemistry
13:20-13:35: Sebastien MullerMolecules at z=0.89: molecular absorption in front of the quasar PKS1830-211
13:35-13:50: Rebeca AladroA 3mm molecular line survey of NGC1068. Chemical signatures of an AGN environment
13:50-14:10: Coffee
14:10-14:40: Leonardo TestiALMA status, first results and development plan
14:40-14:55: Jes JørgensenALMA observations of complex organics in IRAS16293
14:55-15:10: Jill RathborneALMA's view of the kinematics and chemistry within a massive protocluster
15:10-16:00: DiscussionMoving forward with astrochemistry using ALMA


Thursday Location: Natural History Museum (TBD)
9:00-9:30 Emmanuel Caux/Charlotte Vastel/Audrey CoutensDemonstration of CASSIS
9:30-10:00 Attila Juhasz/Christian Brinch/Jes JørgensenDemonstration of ARTIST
10:00-10:30 Peter SchilkeDemonstration of XCLASS in CASA
10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-15:30 Hands-on demonstration of tools
(break for lunch at approximately 12:30)