Astrochemistry in the ALMA era
Copenhagen January 28th-31st, 2013

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ALMA is expected to allow a significant step forward in our understanding of the processes regulating the physical and chemical structure of the interstellar medium in a variety of astrophysical environments from star and planet forming regions to late type stars and galaxies. It is now time to review the scientific output of the many Herschel and ground based molecular line surveys conducted in recent years, present ALMA early science results and identify the outstanding scientific questions that can be addressed with ALMA.

In the workshop we expect to review and discuss the results of ongoing surveys especially in view of the need of high angular resolution requirements for proper analysis and line identification. The full ALMA array will provide the much needed image fidelity and sensitivity to determine whether complex molecules originate at the same or different locations. Another key topic that we will address are the relative merits of performing ALMA complete spectral scans versus a more careful selection of spectral regions to answer the specific scientific questions. At the workshop we will also discuss the progress with the advanced data analysis tools for line surveys that have been and are being developed in Europe in the framework of the Herschel and ALMA preparations initiatives and with the support of Astronet (ARTIST, CASSIS and CATS), as well as those developed elsewhere. Finally, we will review recent results from laboratory astrophysics and what is needed for interpreting incoming data - e.g., in terms more complete line lists and collision rate coefficients.

Invited speakers (confirmed): Dominique Bockelee-Morvan, Pepe Cernicharo, Rob Garrod, Harold Linnartz, Darek Lis, Laurent Margules, Sergio Martin, Susanna Widicus-Weaver, Laurent Wiesenfeld, Friedrich Wyrowski, Satoshi Yamamoto

To contact the organizers: Limited travel support will be available for participants; if needed please contact us at this E-mail address.

SOC:   Jes Jørgensen, Susanne Aalto, Ted Bergin, Cecilia Ceccarelli
            Peter Schilke, Leonardo Testi, Ewine van Dishoeck