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As a part of the "tools demonstration" on Thursday 31st we will present three software packages that are useful for interpreting astrochemical observations. In order for you to optimize the outcome of the workshop we propose that you download and install the software packages beforehand (see further instructions below). At the workshop there will be plenum presentations of each package after which there will be exercises to perform which each. To help planning, please fill-in this Doodle poll to indicate which of the packages you are interested in working with. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.

CASSIS: follow this link to download and install the new version of CASSIS (version 3.1). Please read carefully the section “Download & Installation” before installing. Some useful synthetic spectra and scripts can be found in the section “Documentation & Data”. Please download the CASSIS 3.1 Data and Scripts tar-ball to your laptop for the hands-on session.

XCLASS: we will be using the XCLASS extension to CASA. First, you will need to have the latest CASA version running. Second, download the XCLASS extension and follow the instructions from this page.

ARTIST: the ARTIST (Adaptable Radiative Transfer Innovations for Submillimeter Telescopes) package can be downloaded from the project homepage. Click on forum, register and log-in to access the download instructions. You can either perform a full installation of ARTIST (requires that some ancillary software is installed as well) - or you can download ARTIST as a virtual machine. The virtual machine requires minimum installation - but is slower/less flexible and of course takes-up more space. Link to exercises are available here.