Presentations and Papers

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A collection of papers and presentations presenting or utilizing components in the ARTIST package

Papers describing ARTIST and its components:

  1. Padovani, Brinch, Girart, Jørgensen, Frau et al. 2012, “Adaptable Radiative Transfer Innovations for Submillimetre Telescopes (ARTIST): Dust polarisation module (DustPol)”, 2012, A&A, in press. (arXiv:1204.6668)

  2. Brinch & Hogerheijde 2010, “LIME - a flexible, non-LTE line excitation and radiation transfer method for millimeter and far-infrared wavelengths”, A&A, 523, A25

Presentations of the ARTIST program:

  1. Padovani, Jørgensen & the ARTIST team 2010, “Adaptable Radiative Transfer Innovations for Submillimeter Telescopes” in proceedings for IAU Symposium 270 “Computational Star Formation” (ed. Alves, Elmegreen, Girart & Trimble). Proceedings paper.