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On this page we collect links for a number of other useful tools are available for preparation and analysis of Herschel and ALMA observations.


  1. LAMDA -- collision rate database (Leiden; default use for LIME)

  2. BASECOL -- collision rate database (Paris)

  3. JPL -- molecular spectroscopy database

  4. CDMS -- molecular spectroscopy database (Cologne)

  5. Splatalogue -- interface to molecular spectroscopy databases

Line and continuum radiation transfer codes:

  1. Radex -- line; escape probability

  2. Dusty -- 1D continuum

  3. Ratran -- 1D+2D line (1D version publicly available)

  4. RADMC / RADMC-3D -- 2D and 3D continuum codes

Other projects financed within EU/ASTRONET program:

  1. CATS -- PI: Peter Schilke; includes BASECOL, interface, model optimization

  2. StarFormat -- PI: Patrick Hennebelle; database of numerical simulations for studying the physics of star formation.